Red Rocks Platinum (CD/DVD)

Red Rocks Platinum (CD/DVD)

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The two-CD/one-DVD set RED ROCKS PLATINUM presents the full WORSHIP AT RED ROCKS concert, including many uplifting tracks not on the original release, such as the driving "You're Worthy of My Praise" and the soaring "I Can Only Imagine." Here singer/pianist John Tesh takes full advantage of the majestic setting at Colorado's landmark amphitheater, offering up energetic renditions of his Christian-themed songs.

Track Listing - Disc ​1
1​. ​You Are Good
2​. ​Above All
3​. ​Breathe
4​. ​God Is My Rock
5​. ​Trading My Sorrows
6​. ​Lord Have Mercy
7​. ​Draw Me Close
8​. ​Always Forever
9​. ​God of Wonders
10​. ​Open the Eyes of My Heart
11​. ​Voice of One
12​. ​Always Forever

Track Listing - Disc 2
1​. ​You're Worthy of My Praise
2​. ​I Can Only Imagine
3​. ​Ancient Words
4​. ​Full Moon
5​. ​Awesome God
6​. ​Hungry
7​. ​Heart of Worship
8​. ​Voice of One
9​. ​Rescue
10​. ​Forever More (I'll Be the One)

Track Listing - Disc 3
1​. ​God Is My Rock
2​. ​Trading My Sorrows
3​. ​Always Forever
4​. ​God of Wonders
5​. ​Heart of Worship
6​. ​Open the Eyes of My Heart
7​. ​Draw Me Close
8​. ​Voice of One
9​. ​Hungry
10​. ​Ancient Words
11​. ​Full Moon
12​. ​Awesome God
13​.​I Can Only Imagine
14​. ​Lord Have Mercy
15​. ​Above All
16​. ​Breathe
17​. ​You're Worthy of My Praise
18​. ​You Are Good